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We offer a variety of programmes ranging from chamber music to baroque orchestra.


For additional information or tailor made programmes please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

With Proper Graces

Corelli’s Opus 5 as a Source of Inspiration

Sonatas and Trios by A. Corelli, G.F. Händel, F. Barsanti, F.M. Veracini, and H. Albicastro

Eva Saladin (violin) or Georg Fritz (oboe), Anna Stegmann (recorder), Andrea Friggi (harpsichord), cello, theorbo, bassoon (ad.lib.) 

Les Caractères de la danse

Dance and Music from Versailles at the Time of the Sun King

Works by J.B. Lully, J.F. Rebel, J.J. Hotteterre, M. Marais, and M. Pignolet de Montéclair

Mojca Gal (dance), Eva Saladin, David Alonso Molina (violin), Anna Stegmann, Georg Fritz (recorder & oboe), Agnieszka Oszańca (basse de violon), Andrea Friggi (harpsichord)

Una Notte a Posillipo

Festival Music from Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Naples by Antonio Farina, Pietro Marchitelli, and Alessandro Scarlatti 

with Raffaella Milanesi, soprano

Baroque Orchestra (11-14 musicians)

Venetian Splendor in Saxony

Instrumental Chamber Music by A. Vivaldi, J.G. Pisendel, J.D. Zelenka, and C.F. Riedel 

Eva Saladin (violin), Anna Stegmann (recorder), Georg Fritz (oboe), Inga Maria Klaucke (bassoon), Agnieszka Oszańca (cello), Andrea Friggi (harpsichord)

In Freundschaft

Concertos and Suites by J.S. Bach, G. Ph. Telemann, Ch. Graupner, and J.F. Fasch 

Eva Saladin (violin), Anna Stegmann (recorder), Georg Fritz (oboe), Andrea Friggi (harpsichord): solo

Ivan Iliev, Nadine Henrichs (violin), David Alonso Molina (viola), Agnieszka Oszańca (cello), Carina Cosgrave (bass)

London Splendor

Instrumental Concertos from Eighteenth-Century London by R. Woodcock, G. F. Handel, G. Sammartini, and others

Anna Stegmann (recorder), Georg Fritz (oboe)

Chamber Orchestra (5-6 musicians)

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