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"The music this evening was faultless, played with verve and feeling. [...] The addition of a dancer in the shape of the delightful Mojca Gal was inspired. Ms Gal appeared at times as a pixie-ish boy or as an elegant frock-coated dancer. Her eloquent, precise foot work was astonishing in its complexity."


Arts Talk Magazine

Astrid Burchardt, February 2020

Interview with Anna Stegmann & Eva Saladin. 


Emma Sprangers, February 2020

"This excellent recording by the Amsterdam-based Ensemble Odyssee throws some light on other aspects of Babell’s short-lived musical career."

Early Music Reviews+

Andrew Benson-Wilson, October 2019

"...  the extremely impressive Ensemble Odyssee"


"Her [Eva Saladin's] spectacular performance was an object lesson in how to play the baroque violin, her sophisticated technique (using the short bow strokes, delicate touch and the precise arrival on notes [...] produced a beautifully contoured, delicately shaded and attractively fluid melodic line which she combined with assured virtuosic passages and well thought out cadenzas."

"Anna Stegmann’s beautifully eloquent recorder playing was a delight, particularly in some passages that sounded like birdsong from the rafters of the church."

Early Music Reviews+

Andrew Benson-Wilson, September 2019

"The ensemble, with Eva Saladin (violin) and Anna Stegmann (recorder), delivered excellent performances. Raffaella Milanesi does not lack dramatic skills, and from a dramatic point of view her performances left nothing to be desired".

Musica dei Donum

Johan van Veen, August 2019

Es ist solide, gefällige Gebrauchsmusik, die sich in der kundigen, technisch souveränen und weite Bögen schlagenden Interpretation von ihrer besten

Seite zeigt.

Fono Forum

Matthias Hengelbrock

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