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Circle of Friends

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Ensemble Odyssee cordially invites you join our "Circle of Friends". This means that for a fixed amount per year, you financially support the activities of the ensemble and in return we keep you informed about the developments of the ensemble. In addition we offer free tickets for various concerts, which we exclusively offer our "friends" and your name will be mentioned in the sponsor gallery of our website.
With already for €50,- per year you can join our "Circle of Friends". Upon registration you will receive a CD of your choice.
We are working hard to regularly appear on the International stages with quality programmes and musicians. The enthusiasm and interest from our audience is one of the greatest motivations to keep up this work. Unfortunately, there are quite a few costs associated with creating concert opportunities, new programmes, and running the back office of an ensemble, which cannot be financed from the regular budget of individual projects.
That's why your support is important!

If you are interested to support us with larger amounts, you are invited to contact us personally via


Ensemble Odyssee


Stichting Ensemble Odyssee is a Foundation based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has an ANBI-status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen - Public Benefit Organisation). Natural and legal persons making donations to a PBO may deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.

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